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Jim Jolly
Bass, BGV
    Jim has been involved in the music industry for  many years. Also played with Billy Gibbons,
ZZ Top fame.
 Now with Web on Big Bad Bass.

Dave Weber
Vocals, Lead Guitar, Composer
 Dave, founder of Web, has been on the music scene for many years. He has traveled and has played in Canada, U.S. & Europe.

Keith Zedzora
Drums, BGV
Keith has been involved in the music industry for many years. Previously with Nuthin Pritty
Now with Web pounding on Tribal Beats.


Live at The Pyramid

Web (the band) featuring lead singer & composer Dave Weber (known as Randy Weber, former member of Organic Impression - circa late 60's early 70's, 70's & 80's The Dave Weber Band) has been involved in the music scene & arts since 1964. He has travelled & performed in Canada, (Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Thunder Bay & Halifax) U.S.A (Minneapolis, Hollywood, L.A., San Francisco & Las Vegas) as well as London England.

                   Dave has had the opportunity to have jammed with various musicians from The Guess Who, Alpha Centura, Bachman Turner Overdrive, Gatemouth Brown, Santers, Killer Dwarfs and the Pete Best Band.

                   Interviews in Canada, U.S.A & Abroad - News Calendar (CKND TV), 101 Rock (One Hour Special, Radio 101), CBC Radio Canada (Rock Review), 92 Citi FM Review (selected "Best Out Of Ten" - Music Review), The Sun (Album Release Interview - Newspaper), The Times (Album Release & Live Performance - Newspaper) & 92 Citi FM - "The Buzz" with Gordo (2001 CD Release) 

1969 - 1978 - Independent Release Limited Edition - "Everybody Say Hi" / "Somebody Loves You"
1979 - 1981 - Hot Wax Records - LP - "Future Is Here" / 45 RPM - "Somebody Loves You" / "Soon Be With You"
1985 - 1986 - Dimitri & Associates Production - Limited Edition Cassette - "A Shot in the Dark"
1987 - 1998 - D.R.B. Weber Enterprise - CD - "United We Stand"
2000 - 2002 - D.R.B. Weber Enterprise - CD - "Caught In The Web" - Accepted in the Archives of Canada
Limited Edition - D.R.B. Weber Enterprise - CD -  "Wings Of An Angel" - Accepted in the Archives of Canada
Recent Intro Release - D.R.B. Weber Enterprise - CD - "Wolf Is Howlingl" - Accepted in the Archives of Canada

A Blast from the Past....



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